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Bitdefender Ransomware has quickly become one of the best protection in today’s Digital world. When t comes to Ransomware and spyware Ironically, the main cost is not the ransom itself, but the business downtime it causes –

so it is not surprising that only a third of businesses believe they will recover from a ransomware attack without significant losses.For Bitdefender Ransomware Support call 1-888-885-6488.

To date, there are roughly 2.8 million known unique samples of ransomware and the numbers keep growing, with DIY ransomware creation tools readily available.

According to Bitdefender Labs, over 400,000 new malware/ransomware variants are created daily, and 99% are only seen once before they are modified.

Traditional signature-based AV simply cannot keep up because, by the time a signature is created, the malware has already changed.

How does Bitdefender GravityZone protect you from Ransomware?

As an adaptive layered security solution, Bitdefender GravityZone provides multiple anti-ransomware capabilities, having all its layers work together for prevention, detection and remediation.


  • Machine learning anti-malware – solution is automatically trained based on 1 trillion samples from over 500 million endpoints worldwide.
  • Regardless of how much the malware or ransomware is modified, Bitdefender can accurately detect new ransomware patterns, in both pre-execution and run-time mode.

Advanced anti-exploit – Ransomware writers often use “exploit kits” that take advantage of zero-day or un-patched vulnerabilities to gain a foothold in systems.

By focusing on attack techniques, Bitdefender protects your systems and prevents ransomware from spreading.

  • Anti-ransomware Vaccine – additional anti-ransomware defense layer that works by exploiting flaws in the ransomware’s method of spreading, and stops it from encrypting.

Early Detection

  • Real-time process monitoring – GravityZone solution monitors running processes and stops ransomware activities in their tracks, such as registry key modification, file read / write / encryption action.

Ransomware and spyware Remediation / Clean up – Solution has the ability to terminate a malicious process, roll back changes and clean up.


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